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Are you missing out on $1000’s of dollars on your tax return?

If you are a property investor, you need to keep reading!

Up to 80% of investors fail to maximise their investments’ tax benefits by using property depreciation. They simply do not understand precisely what may be identified as a legitimate tax deduction on their properties, meaning they are missing out on claiming thousands of dollars in tax savings! Apart from claiming your mortgage and insurance for the investment property, depreciation is one of the most significant claims for your income tax deduction.

Don’t stress about the finer details of tax depreciation, this is where we come in, and we want to help you maximise your tax savings!

Koste is a leading provider in Tax Depreciation Schedules. Our team of Quantity Surveyors are specifically trained and recognised by the Australian Tax Office as specialists in recording all depreciable components of your investment property.

Our years of experience have allowed us to establish market-leading technology to carry out Tax Depreciation Schedules, providing you value for money with detailed and accurate reports. 

To start maximising your tax savings download our Guide to Maximising your Tax Returns now.

Mark Kilroy MRICS MAIQS Bsc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

Founder & CEO

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