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Koste leads the way in the area of tax depreciation. Our strength in this field ensures our clients attain the optimum depreciation entitlement as an offset to the decline in the value of assets that make up the property. Koste provides analysis and reporting solutions across a wide range of depreciation services. Our services encompass legislative provisions, including Division 40 Capital allowances, Division 43 Capital Works deductions. Also, this includes repairs & maintenance expenditures and related balancing adjustments on the disposal of assets.

Our goal is simply to maximise all available allowances for our clients, utilising current entitlements under ITAA 1997 (Income Tax Assessment Act). In the other words, Division 40 Capital Allowances and Division 43 Building Allowances.

Our Commercial Services

Depreciation Schedules

An initial deprecation schedule should be completed upon construction or acquisition of any property. It enables owners to maintain tax deprecation schedules, maximising your tax returns. As Quantity Surveyors, we identify and estimate all eligible depreciating assets. Including capital works, maintenance and depreciation reports. Our AIQS and RICS qualified Quantity Surveyors conduct all the assessments also documenting and providing photographic evidence to comply with ATO substantiation requirements.

Asset Registers

Our detailed asset registers are compiled through a comprehensive survey carried out by our Quantity  Surveyors. A detailed asset register will provide you with a full list of assets, which in turn will assist with compliance, audits , sinking funds, asset planning and ongoing tax deprecation.

Balancing Adjustments

Often over looked is the deductions you may be entitled to upon demolition of an asset. Whether it is capital works or a depreciating asset, the un-deducted value (written down value) of the asset can be claimed in the year of demolition.

Tenant Abandonment

Upon lease expiry the capital works component of the tenants fit out reverts to the landlord if the fit out is not demolished. Our assessment identifies the eligible capital works component.

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Depreciation Management (Code)

Many commercial property owners are unaware that depreciation is a live document which should be managed and updated on a annual basis to maximise deductions and tax savings. Koste have developed CODE (Creating Optimum Depreciation Entitlements) reporting for clients who have portfolios of property. This reporting will ensure your business maximises Tax Depreciation entitlements. We can enable the analysis and modelling at asset, property and protfolio levels incorporating asset data including tax depreciation, capital expenditure amd balancing adjustments. 

Your Team

Koste has been operating as a Tax Depreciation provider for many years. Its directors have more than 60 years’ combined experience in this field, both in the UK, USA and Australia.

Our commercial team includes Chartered Quantity Surveyors who are specialist in Tax. Not all Quantity Surveyors understand Tax Depreciation which is a complex field and forever changing. Our team has identifing $ billions in Tax Depreciation entitlements over the years including individual projects valued at more than $180million. Our clients have benefited from a provider who has the technical knowledge and experience, to ensure maximum entitlements are claimed from Day 1. 

Trusted by Professionals

Koste is a leader in Tax Depreciation because that is all we do. We know all of the finer aspects of property tax depreciation including the current legislation which changes on an annual basis. Many successful businesses trust Koste as their Asset & Tax Depreciation provider to ensure they maximise their returns.